Social Community Awareness

There are certain misconceptions about psychiatry that people have lived with over the years simply because either they do not understand the nature of psychiatric illnesses or because they are firmly rooted in their cultural beliefs.

We at SOF feel that by getting the word out about these myths, we might help reduce the misunderstandings about mental disorders which seem to be so prevalent in our society today.

As an NGO by keeping the Social Responsibility in our mind we conduct Awareness programs such as Public Meetings, Speaker Meetings, Lecture Sessions, Workshops, Seminars, Interviews, Public Rallies, Street Dramas and issuance of pamphlets among the students of schools and colleges, Working Youths, People belong to Rural and Urban Areas, Corporate Sectors and Self Help Groups. Our programs helps the people to understand these misconceptions and enable them to relate better with a patient with mental illness and be well equipped to lend a helping hand whenever necessary to alleviate their plight.

10 Misconceptions and Myths about Psychiatry

  • That psychiatric illness is special and different from physical illness.

  • Psychiatric patients are violent and dangerous

  • Psychiatric patients never get well once they visit to a Psychiatrist

  • Psychiatric illness is a punishment for one’s sins

  • Psychiatric disease is incurable.

  • Psychiatric illness is infectious.

  • Psychiatric nurses are only trained to handle psychiatric patients.

  • Psychiatric illness is seasonal.

  • Psychiatric nurses and Psychiatrists behave like their patients.

  • One becomes mentally ill if bitten by a psychiatric patient.